Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dream on and live on...

There comes a time I believe in ones life where you know exactly what you need and want, a time when without a shadow of doubt you can articulate clearly and concisely what it is you want to pursue or achieve. The problem only starts when you have absolutely no idea as to how to get it or when the pursuit seems an impossible journey to start.

These are the times where one has to dig deep (like the idols judges say) honestly though, it is looking into a place in yourself that you have never really bothered going before and assessing your strengths, converting your weaknesses and/or simply getting help from that person whose strength is your detrimental weakness, but many are times when asking for help seems not to be a viable option or makes you feel like you are admitting failure. What I've learnt over the year is that the more you let time pass and not seek the assistance you need, you hinder your own progress, sometimes even crushing your own spirit which could be an end all of a 'dream , goal or vision' and that is dangerous.

Coming from a place of no hope or dead dreams is ugly and as much as it is possible to live on and continue on it is not fulfilling, living with no purpose is sad and tiring. So even if you feel that you are living your purpose every day but somewhere along the way the dream ceased to exist or take another form then you are simply going through life and the emotions that your dreamless one serves to you everyday. Take the power into your own hands, if it calls for you to redefine your dream then do that, if it calls for a rebirth then do that and if it calls for severe action then think about it long and hard then go for it.

Life is too short to be miserable and merely existing, keep in mind that "It does not do, to dwell on dreams and forget to live".


Quoute by  J.k Rowling


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