They are here! Phillip, Zakumi and Jabulani

Yep it's the soccer world cup and yes this blog is about it so what? I, like other South African citizens, organisations and retailers are taken by the soccer frenzy. Every tom, Dick and Harrison are on a leveraging tip some doing it well some should have just used the money to help out the less fortunate. Not every product can be mentioned in the same breath as soccer and convince me that theirs is a superior product.

Kicked off with the first ever FIFA world cup concert in Orlando stadium Soweto with some questionable perfomances but then maybe thats just me. Alicia Keys who sang more songs than the other performers was not that aaaamaazing, Knaan sang one of the many world cup anthems Wave your flag (Coca Cola jingle). The Blk Jcks rocked with just one song, Vusi Mahlasela was irrelevant, Another anthem was done by Freshly Ground and Shakira Waka Waka..honestly not sure which song awas the official song, Rkelly also did his with the Soweto spiritual Singers..Sign of a victory. Which ever song it was the Vuvuzela was the number1 sound.
On the soccer pitch whether you were watching because you really wanted to see your team win or purely for entertainment and body watching you still watched. The World Cup united the people of SA, abelungu, abantu, amaNdiya whatever your race we were all captivated by the spirit of Phillip. I had fun!!


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