Redbull Box Cart Race

Attended my first Redbull Box Cart Race, this year it was the first one to be held ekasi, Soweto Diepkloof, Extreme Park on the 24th Sept. One word for you, 'totally awesome'oh two. Had tons of fun in the sun...and have no complaints loved it saw beautiful people the spirit of Phillip came alive all over again. From the "I'm too cool not to be wearing my shades to the glamazons, the wacky, the fabulous the I think I'm fabulous and the I was just walking by and saw some activity, to the where is your momma looking child and also wannabees and the hasbeens".

The Carts were wacky, weird and some show offs, one resembled the much talked about BRT another in form of the Gautrain which by the way was slower than a snail and one that paid homage to the kasi sneaker All Star Converse some creations were just too much for the track whilst others literally had a bath tub as their cart. It was purely entertaining, funny and coupled with a few good lessons, one of the carts was a condom and their message was clear, 'Condomise'.
The judges were superb although sometimes made you wonder if you were watching the same track, Carol Manana's boyfriend also took part and got a perfect 10 (yes she was one of the jugdes), and the much loved Andile Ncube graced the lokshini mamas with his presence, our pride and only joy at the Beijing Olympics Kgotso 'medalist' Mokoena was also a judge and someone from 5fm???. Nimrod Nkosi, Gugu Zulu and Dj switch did a super job commentating and keeping the crowd and the 'I want to say something on the mic' entertained during breaks and kept and made some of the not so much rubber burning carts seem interesting with their witty commentry. Oh there were celebrities as well who were cooped up in the VIP area..(not interested.


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