Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates blah blah blah blah blah....

Did the stadium on Saturday Soccer City or FNB not sure, ladies really go all out or maybe I'm just being a 'plain Jane' but why are we wearing high heels to a soccer match?? It is not even like we were going to be sitting in those VIP booths or whatever they are called (sigh) I just don't get it. The Soweto derby took place and mind you I am an Orlando Pirates fan who was with 4 Kaizer Chiefs jersey donning fans. Who went on and on all the way to the stadium about how they were going to 'teach us a lesson or two' and thank you Jesus that I did not let them rope me into their trash talking, because they subsequently did teach us thanks to Musona the Kaizer Chiefs striker who scored two goals and Daine Klate of Orlando Pirates who scored the opening goal for the wrong team OWN GOAL! Dammit! The last goal of the match was netted by Nigerian Ezenwa Otorogu and that wasn't even consoling.
Had fun though and I'm seeing more and more white faces at soccer matches these days, lovely. There was a fair share of everything the glamdols, I'm really here for the soccer and the he forced me to come. One terrible thing was the BRT...so not organised people were shoving and pushing brought back so many Metrorail memories have they never heard of crowd control.. it had me pining for Phillip everything ran like a well oiled machine when he was here. Almost forgot DJ Cleo made a brief appearance during half time and performed his hit Gida and had people shaking their behinds but was short lived 'now you see him now you don't, Cleo...Cleo wasn't Cleo on the pitch just now?’ That was it, crowded bus home


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