Celebrate and move on!

It happens you get that one thing or person or that big break you've been waiting for, the kind that you proud to say you made happen be it through hard work or perseverance you did it. Then you get that feeling, the feeling that makes you believe you can do anything rise above any circumstance or adversity and come out top.
It’s a great feeling the kind that makes you want to hit yourself on the forehead for ever flirting with the idea of giving up and just letting it be. Succeeding in that one thing that seemed so elusive for a long time, the very thing that made you question whether you were wasting your life away chasing waterfalls and when you get it you cannot fully share it because you think that somehow it will leave, it will go away, return to sender or someone will come collect it (sorry sir/madam but the package is undelivered meant for someone else kindly return).

Celebrate it’s an achievement but do not bask too long in celebration of that one thing you might miss other opportunities so celebrate and continue on seeking like peace is continually sought after. It’s not a once off thing so keep on keeping on!


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