Do yours, Do you, Do it LOUD or quietly if you please how ever you choose to do it live like you want to, do it your way!

In the spirit of Youth month the one that unites, the one with a force that is inspiring and moving, let it move you to greater lengths, let is propel you forward to a life worth living, let the force that drives you to succeed be of the same magnitude, let it kill the spirit of procrastination, let it obliterate the spirit of fear, let it murder complacence let it redirect yours into the direction of a brighter future.

Let the challenges that you face move you from a place of being a victim to being a victor, let your adversities change your future, making it as colourful as our nation, making yours a life filled with optimism, hope, prosperity and without the corruption, the poverty and all that is debilitating but, with all that makes us a nation worth being part of. So if you not where you want to be or even heading where you believe you ought to be, let in commemoration of those who were always on the run so that we can chase our daydreams, those that had to change their identities so that we could have the freedom to be who or what we want to be, those who broke down in tears so that we could stand tall, those who gave of their children so that the ones of today could just be. Of those who watered the soil with their blood so that we can live on lush land that is alive with possibilities and promises prosperity. It is in that, that we should find the secret ingredient that form the success of Vuyo and the likes, the secret that causes the universe to line up just for you to live out your purpose. Do yours, do you, do it LOUD or quietly if you please and live like you want to, take the step, make that move.


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