Do it your freaken way.

There are certain things that you do or don't do that people feel or rather expect you to be doing or not, and I don't know why but we always seem to blame it on society. "Society tells us this... and that..." which throws me off, is society not formed by individuals each one with his or her own psychological make up... each with his/her own life experiences. So then why do we either conform to what we think "Society" stipulates for us or spend much of our energy trying to go against the so called 'current' and at times to our own detriment. Most of the world greatest minds, leaders, artists, cut out their own patterns, they may have used the scissors’ that society handed to them or manufactured their own fact is they tried something different that set them apart from any other.  

The deal is for some "societal stipulations / unwritten steps to follow" are good for some and exceedingly frustrating for some. Good in a sense it guides, directs and in-stills focus in some individuals, bad in a sense that sometimes it makes life lack dimension, lacklustre and seem so limiting. I say do not follow a pattern unless it’s the source of your scissor, do not go against a current unless it’s an injustice to someone else because Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King Jr. So choose your own path, write your own story, paint the picture you want with all the colours that feed, nurture and cultivate your life into the shape and size you want with or without society. #Thatsall.


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