Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pink Thursdays, I was there

Pink Thursdays sounds like one of those popular nights hosted by a club on a Thursday, but no this one is not one of those. What it is, is a ladies only event centred on an evening of networking with some of South Africa’s most prominent women. In the words of event organiser, Tumi Vorster, “Pink Thursday is a brand new movement in Jo’burg that gives young ladies the platform to network with some of the well known names and faces in the various career fields in a fun, fabulous and engaging manner”. This one featured Claire Mawisa (who's also on this month's Destiny conver), Tansey Coetzee (Former Miss SA). The guests give a talk, then they have one on one Q & A mini sessions with the girls..then the stage is open for anyone who owns/or part  a business or an organisation to share what they do and what not.. (sell your business in a few words). And yes I was there.

The event takes place on the last Thursday of every month and is definitely worth attending. I will be sure to keep you all informed of future guests to attend Pink Thursday. Alternatively, you can either log onto, join the My creations group on Facebook, or follow @Tumi_Voster ,  • or  on twitter for updates and information on how to get tickets to attend future Pink Thursday evenings.


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