Learning is a lifelong commitment and I have learned to find a lesson in every situation that I go through, whether good or bad, there's always a lesson if not an assurance of a lesson already learnt.

Lessons are not always, "let's all sing along and dance, nursery style" sometimes they are the kind that just makes you want to throw in the towel and move on to the next thing and some make you question "Why me... why do things happen the way they do..." and you find yourself wanting to leave class before getting to the answers. Others just take way too long, leaving you to ask "how much longer  do I have to go through this... how long till..when is my time coming" whatever the question the lesson is sometimes done, and all that is left to do is to open your eyes and ears and admit and accept certain things either about yourself, someone else or a situation.

Let's face it, at times you find yourself in classes you did not sign up for, learning things you would rather not be taught but all these lessons I believe, contribute to your bigger picture, they make up the dots of your life that do not even make sense until you start connecting the dots and making sense of it all. There are things we have to go through or do to get to where we want to be and in becoming who we ought to be to ourselves and the world. So embrace life lessons, debilitating or invigorating for they let us know who we are and teach us who we can become mind, body and spirit. 


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