Dear Life, why do some things have to be so ambiguous? Really, why? I do not understand, it is much more easier to deal with black or white, grey areas can be quite lead like for my precious soul to handle, and more so because grey areas are the human emotions or a reflection of their black or their white.  A glass half full versus half empty.

Depending on convenience or how complex we make the situation to be in our own brain. We either add a dash of black to our white and work ourselves up unnecessarily or white to our black to cushion life’s blows.  Not everything is ever that simple, there are layers upon layers to some situations but there are instances where we end up in grey areas because we over complicate or at times attempt to over simplify things.

Nothing is wrong with grey areas it is a good middle ground, really sucks though if one gets hung up in the grey area so much that one ends up stuck in a rut.  Sometimes all it takes is removing one's self from the situation and allow themselves to be objective and maybe realize that the situation is simply white or black maybe darker than you thought and that you are the dye that makes it grey, either by being naïve, negative or whatever optimistic/ pessimistic thoughts and associations you make. I have no strong conclusion or wise words to end this off accept, do not get stuck on separating the black from white when stuck in a grey area, look deep inside yourself and far off from yourself, evaluate the situation and ask yourself if you are being objective or think of the advice you would have given to a friend if they were to be in a similar situation.


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