We spend so much time defining ourselves by things we dislike instead of the things we love, things that nourish our souls and give life to authentic smiles. I had never thought this before until my boss pointed it out in a conversation we were having. I had an AHA-moment, then I thought about times I have so openly shared what I loathed about certain TV shows, musicians and other subjects that I would rather be dead than caught watching or listening to. Like Generations, Donald I deserve and other things. 
It got me thinking about the amount of negativity we unconsciously put out into the world, we are quick to disassociate with certain things but never share what we want to be associated with. We go around dismissing and snubbing certain things and people because we are "above it or them" far superior to be leagued with 'them or it'. We use Twitter and other social media platforms to rant about this and that as opposed to sharing things we love, appreciate and things that enrich our lives. I think we do it because it makes us feel special, gives us some sort of edge.  For instance, I hate weaves, therefore, I must be more conscious and enlightened, I do not like Beyonce's music this means my taste in music is far way intricate and sophisticated than Beyonce's Rocket. (I love Beyonce and have no issues with weaves.) 

A part of me believes that by sharing more of the things we love and things that make up our lives versus those that we disdain makes us better people and happier. Knowing that what we choose to let out into the world comes from a place of love and passion. It is easy to dislike and judge things we know nothing about, but it there's no joy or any kind of fulfilment. On the other hand, curating and displaying thoughts and actions that we love yields positive results. There is warmth and beauty that comes from hearing someone share what it is they love and are passionate about, it is rejuvenating and inspiring.

So curate all that you love in abundance, leaving no room to squeeze in things that do not matter to you and non-essential to who you are and stand for.


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