Before we find what we are about on earth. I am sure that we have heard, read or watched tons of videos, listened to a gazillion of messages that compel you to explore what it is you truly about, what your purpose is and why you are here. You would think that all the wisdom of the world would make it easier for us to navigate this life maze and hit the mark. However, it is not always that easy. Some of us do not get it that instantly, no matter how many times the 'universe' taps you on your shoulder or the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes there is more that holds you back from pursuing what it is you are meant to be doing and sometimes just plain excuses or pure laziness.

Financial, social, family, 'black tax' whatever your responsibilities are factors that can keep you from pursuing your real life purpose. The thing that makes you excited and looking forward to waking up the next day, doing that thing over and over again. We cannot deny that at times there are self-imposed and conjured up 'obstacles' stemming from a place of fear and doubt. The saddest position to be in is when those around you can see the light in you and you just fail to see it because it is extremely intimidating or you simply have no idea where to go with the "light".

Sadly, being a victim of circumstance where there's always an alternative hinders development, nothing is worse than a dream deferred or unfulfilled. Living with "there's got to be more to life than the trappings of one's inhibitions" is unsettling. I have seen this a lot someone starts with zeal but soon fades because the person is at the wrong place/space, overstaying a season or it is not at all who they are. I believe we should do every day the things we really want to be about no matter how small. Efforts that may be hard work, require grit, perseverance, and all those 'new year's resolution lines'. "Some of us" will have to do the necessary, make peace with that it may not appear or lead in the direction of the end goal. Making dots is what life may require of us and one day all the dots will connect.

Embrace detours, everything you go through prepares you for what lies ahead, adopt a "no life experience is meaningless" attitude, question the lessons that each situation presents, know if you have gained or lost. Remember the intangible they may be spiritual, a shift in mindset or lessons that you needed to learn for your current and upcoming assignment.

Reference; Mark Manson’s post, “Seven strange questions that help you find your life purpose”


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